Leadership in Early Childhood Education : cross-cultural perspectives

Tekijä: Nivala, Veijo
Hujala, Eeva
Organisaatiot: University of Oulu, Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Sciences and Teacher Education
University of Oulu, Faculty of Education, Early Childhood Education
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Julkaistu: 2002
Julkaisuaika: 2002-10-11


The book consists of presentations given at the Open Forum at the University of Oulu on March 2001. It highlights the contextual approach in leadership in early childhood. The studies introduced in this volume provide strong evidence that leadership is not only a leader's matter — it is a matter of concern for the whole leadership community. Different methods, like focus group — discussion, self study report and shared data will be introduced in the articles.

The articles are organised under three sections. "Introduction to leadership in early childhood education" discusses the leadership issues in general. The section introduces the theoretical and the gender perspectives of leadership in early childhood.

"Comparative perspectives to leadership" introduces culturally based differences within the work of Finnish and Russian directors. It also argues the importance of the director's work in a child care centre as well as the meaning of government regulations and administration.

"Leadership in the national context" points out the significance, roles and responsibilities of day care directors in Finland. It also takes us into the middle of the dilemmas, tensions and constraints which female early childhood leaders struggle in New Zealand. This section introduces the communication as the basis of leadership and asks whether anyone can become a leader with training. Finally, it challenges the managers and other practitioners of early years settings to promote a change of the present discourse of parental involvement.

Open Forum was organised by the International Leadership Project (ILP). ILP was funded by the Finnish Academy.

Sarja: Acta Universitatis Ouluensis. Series E, Scientiae rerum socialium (57)
ISSN: 0355-323X
ISSN-E: 1796-2242
ISBN: 951-42-6853-9
ISBN Print: 951-42-6852-0
Numero: 57
Aiheet: comparative studies
cross-cultural research
day care
early childhood education
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