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Liston, A., Mutanen, M., Heidemaa, M., Blank, S. M., Kiljunen, N., Taeger, A., Viitasaari, M., Vikberg, V., Wutke, S., & Prous, M. (2022). Taxonomy and nomenclature of some Fennoscandian Sawflies, with descriptions of two new species (Hymenoptera, symphyta). Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift, 69(2), 151–218.

Taxonomy and nomenclature of some Fennoscandian Sawflies, with descriptions of two new species (Hymenoptera, Symphyta)

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Author: Liston, Andrew1; Mutanen, Marko2; Heidemaa, Mikk3;
Organizations: 1Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut, Eberswalder Str. 90, 15374 Müncheberg, Germany
2Ecology and Genetics Research Unit, PO Box 3000, 90014 University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland
3Estonian Naturalists’ Society, Struve 2, Tartu 51003, Estonia
4Alkutie 41E, 00660 Helsinki, Finland
5Liinalammintie 11 as. 6, 14200 Turenki, Finland
6Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, 80101 Joensuu, Finland
7Department of Zoology, Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences, University of Tartu, Vanemuise 46, 51014 Tartu, Estonia
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Published: Pensoft, 2022
Publish Date: 2023-01-04


While working on an identification guide to the sawflies of Fennoscandia, we encountered numerous taxonomic problems, for some of which we present solutions. Dicrostema Benson, 1952 is a new synonym of Phymatoceropsis Rohwer, 1916, and not congeneric with Paracharactus MacGillivray, 1908. Two species occurring in Europe are transferred to Phymatoceropsis. Dolerus aericepsellus Heidemaa and Mutanen sp. nov. and Heptamelus viitasaarii Liston, Mutanen and Prous sp. nov. are described from Finland. Abia brevicornis Leach, 1817 nom. rev. is the valid name of Abia nitens auct. nec Linnaeus, and Abia nitens (Linnaeus, 1758) is the valid name for what has recently been called Abia sericea (Linnaeus, 1767). Tenthredo haemorrhoidalis Fabricius, 1781 is treated as an unplaced species of Hymenoptera, possibly Ichneumonoidea. Calameuta variabilis (Mocsáry, 1886) is the valid name of the species recently generally called C. haemorrhoidalis. Claremontia confusa (Konow, 1886) sp. rev. and Claremontia brevicornis (Brischke, 1883) are distinct species. Dolerus coracinus (Klug, 1818) is the valid name for D. anthracinus auct. Dolerus anthracinus (Klug, 1818) is a valid species similar to D. nitens Zaddach, 1859. Dolerus coruscans Konow, 1890 sp. rev. is a valid species. Dolerus junci (Stephens, 1835) is the valid name for Dolerus cothurnatus auct. Dolerus timidus (Klug, 1818) sp. rev. is distinguished from the similar D. pratensis (Linnaeus, 1758). A neotype is designated for Astatus punctatus Klug, 1803. Lectotypes are designated for 39 nominal species. 29 species group names are new junior synonyms. We present data on some species recently collected for the first time in Finland, including first records for the Palaearctic and West Palaearctic.

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Series: Deutsche entomologische Zeitschrift
ISSN: 1435-1951
ISSN-E: 1860-1324
ISSN-L: 1435-1951
Volume: 69
Issue: 2
Pages: 151 - 218
DOI: 10.3897/dez.69.84080
Type of Publication: A1 Journal article – refereed
Field of Science: 1181 Ecology, evolutionary biology
Funding: We are very grateful to the Finnish Ministry of Environment for funding our work on the handbook of Fennoscandian sawflies through the Putte programme. We are grateful to the Academy of Finland for funding the Finnish Barcode of Life project through the Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility research infrastructure project. Some results of earlier research on Nematinae, partly funded by the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative, are mentioned.
Dataset Reference: Specimen data, GenBank accession numbers, and BOLD Process IDs of the relevant studied specimens. This dataset is made available under the Open Database License ( The Open Database License (ODbL) is a license agreement intended to allow users to freely share, modify, and use this Dataset while maintaining this same freedom for others, provided that the original source and author(s) are credited. Link:
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