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CONHEALTH - Cognitive-Networks-Enabled Transnational Proactive Healthcare (CoNHealth) (294923)

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CoNHealth will bring together leading researchers with wide-ranging research experience in the context of a collaborative scheme of research exchanges and networking to advance current knowledge in the area of intelligent wireless networks for medical ICT applications. The project is endorsed by 8 institutions including 3 partners from EU countries (UK, Italy, and Finland), 2 partners from industrialized third countries (US and Japan), and 3 partners from an International Cooperation Partner (ICP) country (China). The members of the consortium will provide complementary knowledge and strength in the areas of cognitive radio, cognitive radar, cognitive sensor, privacy and security in healthcare, medical sensors and instrumentation, disease management and diagnosis, biomedical signal processing, and medical ICT. These capabilities have been drawn out in accordance with the joint research vision of providing transnational proactive healthcare (TPH), commonly shared by the partners at the moment of writing the proposal. By developing an integrated cognitive network platform, it is our conviction that reliable, comprehensive, and efficient data acquisition from various medical sensors and devices, and their harmonious transmission and delivery to remote caregivers can be achieved. The project will consist of targeted research activities undertaken by key individual researchers, supported by PhD students, early-career academics, and professors. The exchanges will enable the reciprocal transfer of knowledge between the members of the consortium and will be deployed by a set of designated activities open also to external stakeholders. As the consortium comprises members from both industrialized and ICP countries across 3 different continents, the research outputs would benefit the wider population in a worldwide perspective, which can hardly be achieved if each individual partner works alone on this topic.
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Grant Number: 294923
Cordis Record Number: 101475
Project Start Date: 2012-04-01
Project End Date: 2016-03-31
Project Funder: EC/FP7/SP3/PEOPLE
EC Special Clause: false
Datapilot: false
Open Access Mandate: false
Coordinator contact: Dolman, Nicola
Coordinator EU Contribution: 189000
EU Max Contribution: 420000
Total Cost: 453600
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