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LTCeramics - Low Temperature Ceramics Applications (640887)

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In this ERC PoC project, materials and methods developed in “Printed Electroceramics with Ultimate Compositions” will be utilised to demonstrate the feasibility of dielectric ultra-low temperature ceramics as basic electrical components realised on polymer, metal foil and paper substrates. The aims are to realise a set of capacitors and microwave antennae utilising high permittivity ceramic coatings as integral structures (without gluing, adhesives, etc. of discrete components) of aforementioned 3D substrates. In addition, the IPR strategy will be created and potential markets analysed for these components.
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Grant Number: 640887
Cordis Record Number: 193755
Project Start Date: 2015-01-01
Project End Date: 2016-06-30
Project Funder: EC/H2020/ERC/ERC-POC
EC Special Clause: false
Datapilot: false
Open Access Mandate: true
Coordinator EU Contribution: 150000
EU Max Contribution: 150000
Total Cost: 150000
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