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5G-Enhance - 5G Enhanced Mobile Broadband Access Networks in Crowded Environments (815056)

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The 5G era will offer diverse services and applications beneficial to societies in Europe and Japan, such as connected cars, eHealth, smart factory, and public safety. The development of the air interfaces (AIs) have followed to paths: the evolutionary path and the revolutionary path. This leads to a variety of possible AIs. An operator will only own a subset of the overall suite of AIs, increasing the need to enhance network performance significantly. Considering these needs, the focus of the 5G-Enhance project is on the definition and evaluation of interoperable 5G eMBB and efficient network solutions in dense area. 5G-Enhance will develop, plan and execute large scale trial activities on actual testbeds in EU and Japan. 5G-Enhance will execute two large scale trials with eMBB in crowded environments (dense area) to show the feasibility of the applications based on 5G network. The focus is on two specific applications in the context of enabling healthy lifestyle: The first application is 3D remote class for a real-time surgery that will be implemented in the Demo-1 (Trial 1).The second application is ad-hoc outdoor sport event to be implemented in the Demo-2 (Trial 2). The two demonstrations have different requirements. Demo-1, requires very high data rate, and supporting many users with low mobility and Demo-2 requires high data rate and supporting a massive number of users with high mobility. Integrated trial between Japanese and European partners will demonstrate the interoperability between Japanese and European facilities. 5G-Enhance will develop innovative mobile broadband technologies in order to enhance existing solutions towards better provision of 5G KPIs in dense eMBB scenarios. 5G-Enhance employs two key components, namely flexible and scalable network design and implementation and enhanced spectrum resource management.
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Grant Number: 815056
Cordis Record Number: 217773
Project Start Date: 2018-07-01
Project End Date: 2021-03-31
Project Funder: EC/H2020/RIA/
EC Special Clause: false
Datapilot: true
Open Access Mandate: true
Coordinator EU Contribution: 402620
EU Max Contribution: 1498045
Total Cost: 1498045
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